Sign up Hotmail in a few seconds

Having an email is really important and certainly a need. It help us to communicate with other people that is far away from us, but also it help us to share important information with others in a few seconds. Currently, counting with an email account is a request for many activities, like working, being on social media, making payments, buying online products, asking for budgets online and so much more.

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sign up hotmail free

sign up hotmail free

If you are already reading this, you probably know that having an email account is important. But, what server is the best? You need to choose one that is efficient, simple and comfortable. Hotmail is one of the favorites email services on the web. Now is called Outlook because Microsoft bought it but the platform and the whole system is the same.

So, if you are interested to sign up Hotmail, we will explain you how to do it in this article. It only takes a few minutes. It is simple and quick, so take a look:

How to sign up

  • The first thing you need to do to sign up Hotmail is open a browser on your computer or laptop and type in the following link:
  • Once you are on the main page, you will see that at the center of it there is a button that says “sign up“. Click there and wait a few seconds. A new page will be opened.
  • To sign up Hotmail you have to answer a few questions about you. Information like your name, last name, sex, birthday, where you live and phone number.
  • Now, one thing you must create is your email address. But you have to keep in mind that many names are already taken. You can try an alphanumeric combination so you email address is unique.
  • The other thing you will need to do to sign up Hotmail is create your password. It need to have letters, numbers and symbols to make it strong. Try not to put any personal information such as your birthday because people can guess it. But keep in mind that also it has to be easy to remember for you.
  • Once you finish filling out the form, you must accept the terms and conditions of use and click on the “next” button. When you are done you will see a new page with your new account!

That’s it. Sign up Hotmail it is that simple.

Sign up Hotmail in a few seconds
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