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Sign in Hotmail or Outlook is one of the most popular email services around the world. It was the leader of e-mails in its time, and it has been developing over time to adapt to the new needs of its users.

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Outlook now has many tools that will make your experience on this platform easier and more complete. You must remember that a few years ago Hotmail became Outlook, but you can still use your former password and Hotmail address to log in to Outlook.

Having said that, some of the tools that you can find are OneDrive, Calendar, it also has the Office Online package: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher among others.

All of these tools and services are fantastic, so how can I start using them? Well, all you need to do is log in to your Hotmail account. But, how do I login? Here we also explain it to you. Sign in Hotmail.

Hotmail Log in is very easy! Sign in Hotmail

One of the reasons why Hotmail or Outlook is so popular is because of its friendly interface and how simple it is to use. Logging in to this platform will only take you a few seconds.

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Hotmail sign in

The first thing to do is to go to your browser and type sign in Hotmail or Outlook, then you will be asked to write the name of the email you created before and then bellow of it you will be asked to write your password. After filling in this information click on the “Sign In” button, after you load the page you will be able to see your inbox and emails and you can start enjoying all the other services offered by this email.

Logging in is very easy, but what if I cannot remember my password? In case you do not remember your password change it or regain it is as easy as logging in. Underneath the data that you have already filled out (email and password) there is an option that says “I forgot my password” you click there and then you have three options: I forgot my password, I know my password but I still cannot log in and I think that another person is using my account.

If you select the first option you will see a space in which you must type your email address and write a code to ensure that you are not a robot, then you must write your alternative email for Hotmail to send you a link for that email and Opening that link you can reset your password.

Now you know everything about Hotmail, how to log in and how to reset your password.

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Sign in Hotmail
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