Sign into Hotmail without Outlook

Since the change that was made in 2013 when Microsoft bought Hotmail, many users have been wondering how to sign into Hotmail without Outlook. At the beginning, this option was available with just changing the settings of your email. You could go back to your old inbox. However, after a while, the option was removed. For this reason, today we wonder: is it possible to sign into Hotmail without Outlook?

The answer to this is: no, unfortunately, it is no longer possible to go back to Hotmail. However, those people who have a Hotmail address can still access to their email from Outlook. This also applies to those who check their email from their smartphone, because with the Outlook app you can login. But, if you are on a PC or laptop, you can login from the address because still takes you to the main page. To start a session, the procedure is very simple and fast:

Hotmail without Outlook how sign in?

– Go to the main page of Outlook through the previous link ( or with the link  both links will take you to the same page, so you don’t have to worry about this.

– You will see in the main page a button in the center that says “sign in“. Click on this and wait a few seconds.

– A new page will open where you need to type in your information to login. Enter your email address initially, you can also start with your phone number or Skype account. Click on the “next” button and wait a few seconds.

– You must now enter your password correctly. Once you have done it, just click on the “next” button and wait a bit to open your inbox.

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And that’s it! With these simple steps you have already login. Unfortunately, sign into Hotmail without Outlook is not possible, but you can always check your emails from this server using the steps we have already explained.

Sign into Hotmail without Outlook
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