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Microsoft implemented a new platform where it ties several servers on the same page. This allows Microsoft to associate multiple old addresses at the same time, such as Msn Live, Hotmail, Skype, and Outlook. If you had some of these accounts, you can login from the Microsoft home page that will redirect you to an Outlook inbox. Msn Live Hotmail sign in is easy, keep reading.

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Unfortunately the Msn Live service is no longer available, but the new server has included a chat that works similar to Msn. If you had an account of Msn Live Hotmail and you are interested to login to check your contacts or to use the chat, you must know that all the data of the old accounts were transferred to the new server. So, if you want to Msn Live Hotmail sign in you just have to go to the Live page and follow a few steps:

How to Msn Live Hotmail sign in?

The first thing to do to Msn Live Hotmail sign in is to open your browser of preference and go to the next page that will send you to the login page of Outlook. After this, you’ll have to:

– You will see on the screen that you must type in your email Hotmail address, although you can also enter with an Outlook address, Skype or your phone number. Click the “next” button.

– Now you will be asked to enter your password. Once you have entered it correctly, just click on the “sign in” button and wait a few seconds.

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It is done! With these steps you will Msn Live Hotmail sign in. It is a simple procedure that takes a few minutes and you can recover information from your old account if you want.

Have in mind that you can also login through the following links: or, they will all take you to the same page.

Msn Live Hotmail sign in
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