How to create an email account quicky?

Looking for a new email account which offers powerful tools? free email account is waiting for you. With this mail account, you will keep your work safe and efficiently organized. To create this email account, you will only need a few minutes and follow a few steps.

Before we begin there are few things worth considering.

How create accounts in email services

Before you create email, account think about a username that defines you. Additionally, you also need to think if you are going to use the email for private or professional purposes. Next thing is the domain you are going to use, lets you choose from many deferent domains, you need to choose one that meet your needs.

Next you need a good password. Having a strong is the only way to keep your email account safe and free from hackers. Therefore, your password should have at least 8 characters, containing both capital and lower case lettering, as well as numbers and special characters (e.g.,”@” “!”, “&”, “-“.). It’s recommend to change your password from time to time in order to increase the security of your account. It is important to avoiding a password that is easy to guess, e.g. personal data such as: your initials, your date of birth, your wedding date, the name of a family member or the name of your favorite pet.

Steps to create email account

Follow the steps below to start enjoy emailing experience:

  1. Click on the “Sign Up” Button
  2. Fill all mandatory fields (First Name, Last Name, Gender, etc.)
  3. Type in your desired Email Address and selected a domain from the available domains (e.g.,,, etc.)
  4. Choose a secure Password (at least 8 characters, mixing letters, numbers, lower and upper case, and using special characters)
  5. Select your Security Question, type in your Answer (You need to remember this for future use)
  6. Verify your registration by typing the numbers that appears in the captcha picture
  7. Now Click the “Accept” – Button underneath to complete the registration

That’s all! You’re done and ready to start enjoying your new email account on any device of your preference!

Remember, you can use your account anywhere and anytime you like on your mobile devices including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and you can also take advantage of the Online Calendar tool to manage your time efficiently.

How to create an email account quicky?
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