Features Hotmail account 2017

A few years ago Hotmail was the number one email server on the Internet. Microsoft bought it and now, under the name of Outlook, is one of the most used, efficient and popular email services. It offers you a great amount of tools so you can communicate with other people, send and receive documents, photos, videos and so much more. Also, you can link your account to social media, OneDrive cloud and chat with your contacts.

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If you are reading this you probably want to have a Hotmail account but you are not sure if it is the right server for you. So, if you can’t make up your mind yet, we will explain you in this article the main features of Hotmail:

Outlook features 2017

Hotmail features 2017

Top features of Hotmail 2017

  • Saving files in the cloud: a cloud storage is a great way to save space on your computer. This is an amazing tool because you can sync your files in any device: smartphones, tablets, PC or laptops. You can link your email account to OneDrive and save pictures, videos or documents there.
  • Documents ready to go: among all features of Hotmail a really important one is that you can open and view Microsoft documents from the main page. It doesn’t matter the extension, you can open Word, Excel or PowerPoint and also, you can make modifications on them.
  • Organization is the key: a lot of people use their account for different purposes. Hotmail can identify spam emails, offers, advertising, news and so much more. You can go to configurations and make your own filter. Then, you can put those emails in different folders or tag them.
  • Instant messaging: one of the greatest features of Hotmail is that not only works as an email, but offers you a chat where you can talk instantly with all your contacts. You can find this chat on the main Hotmail page.
  • Old Hotmail address: if you had already a Hotmail account, you can still use it. Great news, right? The interface of the server has been improve, but you don’t need to change your old email address. You can log in with your old Hotmail account.
  • Social media: some features of Hotmail are unique and one of them is that you can link your email account to you social media. As we already told, you can see your friend’s post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Features Hotmail account 2017
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