Change profile photo in Outlook

Do not know how to modify your profile photo? In this article we will show you the solution.

Once you have successfully registered with Hotmail, you will notice that during this process, the platform never asks for a picture of you as a profile photo. As a consequence this leaves our account with the square where the photo should go with a predetermined white silhouette.

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Many people are not interested in placing a profile photo. But there is also a large percentage of users that need a photo, either for pleasure or a need to identify themselves in the workplace or personal. So if you are one of those who need a photograph, pay attention that you will have a tutorial that explains each step in detail so that you do not have problems during the procedure.

You have to log in to Hotmail. If you are already inside your account you can skip this step. The second step is to click on the square that has the white silhouette that we mentioned at the beginning of the article.

This square (located in the upper right corner) will display a small list with options. From this list you must choose the option called “Modify profile“. This will take you to the configuration tools of your profile. If you did all the right steps, you should see on your monitor something similar to what is indicated in the previous image.

As additional information you could observe that in this place you can also modify your username in Hotmail. But as in this case we will be in charge of changing the profile image in Hotmail, what you must do is to click on the celestial color phrase that says “Change image“, located under the square with the white silhouette.

Now the platform will ask you if you want to load an image that is already stored in the OneDrive cloud, take an instant photo with the camera of your device or just upload a photo that you already have stored in your device. You have to opt for any of the three methods just mentioned.

Once you have chosen a photo you have to save the changes, and automatically you will go to the main input tray with your profile picture already modified.

Change profile photo in Outlook
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